Viscosity Systems

Viscosity Measurement Probe

Dynatrol® Viscosity Measurement Probes

The Dynatrol® CL-10DV process viscometer utilizes a unique vibratory principle to provide continuous measurement at on-line process conditions. This eliminates the need for sampling and provides exceptional accuracy.

Viscosity Converter

Dynatrol® Digital Viscosity Converters

Dynatrol® Series 3000 Digital Viscosity Converters were designed for use with all Dynatrol® Viscosity Systems. Using microcontroller technology, the digital converter accepts information from a Dynatrol® Viscosity Probe and calculates the viscosity of the liquid under test. The Series 3000 converter mathematically computes and displays the viscosity in standard units.

Viscosity Mounting System

EZL Viscosity Mounting System

Sample handling and probe mounting may often be the deciding factors in a successful viscosity measuring system. The EZL Viscosity Mounting System provides an excellent mounting platform for in-line viscosity measurement with the Dynatrol® DV Viscosity Probes.

Stand Alone Viscometer

Dynatrol® Viscosity Stand Alone – SPINX

The Dynatrol® CL-10DV Stand Alone Viscometer package provides a solution when an in-line viscometer is either not practical or is not desired. This model facilitates cleaning procedures, calibration, etc.