Inline Sampling Systems

Dynatrol® Red Goose v2 Cell for Pipeline Products

The Red Goose v2 Pipeline Products Inline Sampling System can be used on gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other refined petroleum products. It was designed so no removal is needed during pipeline maintenance and utilizes a retractable scoop used for pigging or scraping operations.

The Original Dynatrol® Red Goose has been used successfully by pipelines for over 35 years!

General Information

The Red Goose v2 - Inline sampling for pipeline products
  • NO PUMP - Uses PRODUCT VELOCITY for sampling
  • NO MOVING PARTS during operation
  • NO removal needed during pipeline maintenance
  • Unique THROUGH VALVE mounting when installed
  • Complete maintenance or removal is INDEPENDENT of pipeline operations
  • Easy RETRACTABLE SCOOP used for pigging or scraping operations, etc.
  • If not retracted, a spring-loaded pivot will allow the pig to push the scoop out of the way.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, only occasional 'flushing'


  • Pressure Ratings: 1000 and 1480 PSI (consult factory for other options.)
  • Double-sealed protection against leaks
  • Temperature Rating: 0°F - 250°F (consult factory for other options)
  • Housing: Rugged, sealed, all-weather, X-proof
  • Meets CSA Class 1, Div 1 area classification

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