The Dynatrol® CL-10GH Liquid Level Detector and EC-501A(G) Control Unit is used for high, intermediate or low point level detection of liquids and slurries. A unique vibrating principle permits design and operation features not available with other types of liquid level detectors.


Dynatrol® Liquid Level Detectors can be used on a wide range of liquids and slurries and can be mounted in any position on a vessel or in piping. No packing gland, diaphragm, float, bearing, bellows or other troublesome pressure seal is used in the Dynatrol® Detector design. This unique design provides rugged construction yet a sensitive transmission of vibration energy through a rigid, all-welded pressure seal. All components are constructed for long operating-life and require no field adjustments.

CL-10GH Specifications

  • Explosion Proof: CSA NRTL/C approved for Class 1, Group D, Division 1 Class 2, Groups E, F, and G
  • Pressure Rating: 3000 PSIG @ 100°F
  • Temperature Rating: 300°F (High Temperature Construction Available)
  • Pressure Connection: ¾-inch NPT
  • Conduit Connection: ½-inch NPT
  • Process Contact Surfaces: 316 S.S. (standard)

EC-501A(G) Control Unit Specifications

  • Explosion Proof: CSA NRTL/C approved for Class 1, Group D; Class II, Group E, F & G; Class III
  • Voltage Supply (Nominal): 120 volts -50-60 Hz
  • Available for 120 VAC power supply
  • Power Consumption: 5 VA
  • Temperature Rating: 125°F Maximum
  • Contacts: SPDT 2A @ 120 VAC (Non-Inductive)

Principle of Operation

The Dynatrol® liquid level paddle is driven into vibration by a driver coil. A second coil produces a voltage proportional to a 0-3/4-inch range of level. As the process covers the paddle, the output responds proportionally by transmitting a 1-5mA or 4-20mA signal.

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