Dynatrol® Liquid Level Switches are used in storage tanks or vessels at the point where level detection is needed. Dynatrol® Density Systems are commonly used on fructose and juice applications throughout the industry.

Liquid Level Detection

Dynatrol® CL-10GH Liquid Level Detector can be used in Beverage Industry applications where it is necessary to know the high. mid or low level point of fructose, corn syrup or sugar liquor in a tank or other vessel. The Dynatrol® level probes are inserted into the storage tank or vessel at the point where the reading needs to be taken. When the product reaches the level probe the probe will detect its presence and close a contact. This contact closure can be used to turn on an alarm, a light or can be used as a computer input. The contact arrangement of the Dynatrol® level switch lends itself to use in either high or low level applications.

Density Measurement

The Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Digital Density Converter can be used to measure fructose corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose syrup, or dextrose. The Dynatrol® Density System uses temperature and density information from the CL-10HY cell to calculate degrees BRIX, Baumé or density at a reference temperature. Automation Products Inc./Dynatrol® software uses the same reference tables that are used by sugar growers. The CL-10HY and Series 2000 combination has been used in processing corn syrup as well as other syrup applications such as soft drink bottling and mixing. For many years the Dynatrol® Density System has been used for fructose applications within the Food Industry.

Evaporators/Concentrators: Vegetable Juices

The Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Digital Density Converter are used to measure density or percent concentration of dissolved or suspended solids for condensed juices, vegetable juices and broths in the beverage or food industries. Concentration of vegetable juices can be measured by the Dynatrol® Density System and the results can be used to control the evaporation process.

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