Dynatrol® Level Switches are often used for level detection in storage bins or hoppers in the Plastics Industry. Dynatrol® Viscosity Measurement Systems accurately measures various media at process conditions.

The Dynatrol® DJ series of Level Detectors are used to measure high, intermediate, or low level detection of plastic pellets. Bulk solids level measurement is easily obtained in storage bins or hoppers for powders, granules, regrind material, etc.

Viscosity Measurement

The Dynatrol® Viscosity System includes the Series CL10-DV Viscosity Probe and Viscosity Digital Converter Series 3000 which accurately measure viscosity in vessels, reactors or process piping. Excellent applications for the Plastics Industry include:

  • Resins molten polymer
  • Polyol
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyester
  • and more...

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Wood Processing

The Dynatrol® DJ Series Bulk Solid Level Detectors are used in a multitude of wood chip applications such as furniture manufacturing, saw mill operations and wood chip recovery.

Bulk Solids Measurement

The CL-10DJ Series level detectors lend themselves to point level applications in numerous heavy bulk materials. Our level design design, along with our unique electronics, makes our level switch system both reliable and rugged and a perfect fit for the wood processing industry.

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Dynatrol® Density Systems are used worldwide in pipeline applications for measurement and control of density, specific gravity, API gravity or percent concentration. Typical applications are custody transfer or interface measurement and may include crude oil, refined products or various other chemicals.

Dynatrol® Density Cells are used to measure the liquid being transported in the pipeline. The Cell’s operation is extremely accurate and dependable, requiring no pressure compensation.

Working with the Density Cell, the Dynatrol® Digital Density Converter translates the product density and temperature readings into the customers’ required units of measurement. For example, if a United States pipeline requires the American Petroleum Institute (API) scale or a Canadian Pipeline requires output in kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m 3), Dynatrol® electronics are programmed for each application’s specific measurement needs.

The Dynatrol® Systems are user-friendly. Converters come pre-programmed for simple calibration. Many Dynatrol® Density Cells have sustained accuracy in the field without need of service for over 20 years!

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The Dynatrol® CL10-HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Density Digital Converter can measure the temperature and density of a methanol process stream and relate this to percent concentration. Applications may include antifreeze and deicing fluid, automotive fuels, and hydrocarbons. It is also for use in chemical plants for formaldehyde, biodiesel plants and wastewater treatment plants.

How it works: The Series 2000 Digital Density Converter processes basic information from the Density Cell to calculate density at a reference temperature. The process value can be used to calculate the specific gravity, Baumé and percent concentration. This information is made available to the operator or process engineer.

The standard Series 2000 has an analog output corresponding to either of these process variables. Optionally, it can be programmed to have two analog outputs that can be calibrated for any two process variables (Density, Temperature, Baumé, Specific Gravity, Percent Concentration).

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The Dynatrol® CL10-HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Density Digital Converter can be used to measure corn or potato starches.

The starch application software is written to use temperature and density information that comes from the Cl-10HY cell to calculate product baume, density at a reference temperature and specific gravity. Automation Products, Inc. uses the same reference tables that are used by starch manufacturers to cross check results generated by our starch software.

The CL-10HY and Series 2000 combination has been used in processes where starches are used as coatings as well as starch make up tanks and starch dilution applications.

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