Dynatrol® Density Measurement Systems are used extensively with ammonia solutions for measurement and control of density, specific gravity, or percent concentration. Dynatrol® Bulk Solid Level Switches are used on bins and hoppers for high, mid and low point detection.

  • Eliminate multiple hand sampling when mixing
  • Real time percent concentration measurements of ammonium hydroxide with no effects from pressure changes or pipe vibration
  • Virtually no maintenance costs

Density Measurement

The Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Digital Density Converter are used around the world for measurement of Anhydrous Ammonia and ammonia solutions. Our density products can measure and display specific gravity , density or percent concentration of ammonia products. The density cell measures the characteristics of a vibrating tube and temperature of the product. The electronic converter then calculates the percent concentration and density of the solution inside the Density Cell. Our Density Systems are used for measurement on:

  • Ammonia Solutions
    • Ammonia
    • Ammonium Hydroxide
    • Ammonia Liquor
    • Ammonia Water
    • Ammoniacal Liquor
    • Aqua Ammonia
    • Aqueous Ammonia
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Diammonium Phosphate
  • Nitric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Urea

Bulk Solids Level Detection

Our Bulk Solid Level Switches are used for determining the level of powders or granulars in a bin or hopper. Dynatrol® level switch products have very stringent hazardous location ratings including Class 1, Division 1. Groups A B C and D. They can be used for level detection of any ammonium salt that does not attack stainless steel. These level switches can be manufactured with various sensitivities. The lightest can detect powdered polystyrene foam and the heavy duty products can be used on things as difficult as crushed concrete or rock.

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Phosphoric Acid

The Dynatrol® CL10-HY Density Cell and Series 2000 Density Digital Converter can be used to measure phosphoric acid.

The phosphoric acid application software is designed to use the temperature and density information that comes from the CL-10HY cell to calculate product baumé, density at a reference temperature, specific gravity and percent concentration. Automation Products Inc. uses the same reference tables that are used by phosphoric acid manufacturers to cross check results generated by our phosphoric acid software.

The CL-10HY and Series 2000 combination have been used to measure phosphoric acid for chemical applications and low concentration acid mixing. It has also been used to measure high concentration phosphoric acid in acid make-up applications.

Dynatrol® Density Cells can be supplied with tantalum media contact parts as well as carpenter 20, stainless steel and other alloys that can be chosen for your specific application.

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Terephthalic Acid

Dynatrol® provides Bulk Solids Level Detection for terephthalic acid applications in plants where the acid in the powder form is air transported. Dynatrol® Density Systems are used in terephthalic acid applications in siutations where the acid is carried as a slurry.

Bulk Solids Level Measurement

The CL-10DJ series level switches are used for terephthalic acid applications in plants where the acid in the powder form is air transported . The level switch can detect the presence of the acid powder it comes in contact with and then engage a remote alarm or light to indicate that a hopper or other vessel is full or empty.

Our standard level switches are made from 316 stainless steel. For more abrasive or more corrosive service they can be constructed from other materials.

Density Measurement for Liquids & Slurries

The CL-10HY Series Density Cells are used in terephthalic acid applications in plants where the acid is carried as a slurry. The density cells can detect the exact density of the acid/ liquid combination and can be used to either control the dilution of the slurry or alert operations when the proper concentration is reached. The standard density cells are made with 316 stainless steel media contact materials.

For more abrasive or more corrosive service can be made from other materials.

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Sodium Hydroxide – Caustic Soda

The CL10-HY Density Cell in conjunction with the Series 2000 Density Digital Converter can measure the temperature and density of a caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) process stream. The Series 2000 then processes this information.

Once the information is processed the density is calculated at a reference temperature. The specific gravity, baumé and percent concentration are then calculated from the reference temperature and the density at the reference temperature and this information is made available to the operator or process engineer.

The standard Series 2000 has a analog output corresponding to either of these process variables. Optionally, it can be programmed to have two analog outputs that can be calibrated for any two process variables (Temperature, Baume, Specific Gravity, Density, Percent Concentration, °Twaddle).

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Filled Asphalt

The CL-10DV series Asphalt Viscosity Meters are used to measure the viscosity of hot liquid asphalt. These viscometers are used in the roofing industry to measure the viscosity of asphalt filled with powdered limestone. Filled asphalt is primarily used to make roofing shingles.

Another use for the CL-10DV Asphalt Viscosity Meter is in asphalt adhesive. Once shingles are manufactured, the shingles are glued together with asphalt adhesive. By controlling the viscosity, a very high quality shingle can be manufactured that does not waste basic materials.

The Asphalt Viscosity Meter consists of a Dynatrol® Viscosity probe, a Series 3000 Viscosity Converter and a VRO-1 signal conditioner. Dynatrol® Viscosity probes are manufactured for use in very unforgiving environments, such as those found in roofing material plants. The Dynatrol® Viscosity probes can withstand high temperatures, dust, dirt and a wide range of line voltages and at the same time send out very accurate viscosity information.

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