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Dynatrol® Measurement & Control Equipment Applications

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Settled Solids in Liquid

The Dynatrol® CL-10DJI Interface Level Detector has the unique ability to detect:

 •  a liquid and settled bed of solids
 •  a liquid and floating bed of solids
 •  the liquid phases of products having significantly different     viscosities

Settled Solids in Liquid

Typical applications of The Dynatrol® CL-10DJI Interface Level Detector include WATER/CARBON, WATER/SAND, LIQUID/CATALYST INTERFACES and those that occur in steeping processes.

Used on the following applications:

 •  Bead/waterblack
 •  Black liquor/soap
 •  Brine/salt
 •  Carbon/water
 •  Clay/water
 •  Coal/coal water slurry
 •  Corn/water
 •  Pellets/water
 •  Polymer grade lactic acid/water
 •  Resin/water
 •  Rice/water interface
 •  Salt/water interface
 •  Sand/water
 •  Shell/water
 •  Sodium sulfate crystal/water
 •  Water, oil/metal fines


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